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If you haven't already done so, please take a look at How I Use Custom Slabs to see the labels I've created for some of my own favourite cards.

Since I started offering this service, I've created an extensive catalogue of labels for athletes across many sports. The labels below are a small sample, but they might give you some ideas for how to use custom slabs in your own collection.

Base Cards
Labels for Custom Slabs

The same card can have many label variations. The Ken Dryden card shown is a good example. The slab shows the label I chose for my collection, but there are other possible labels that look just as good, as shown below.

1976-77 O-Pee-Chee Ken Dryden in Custom Slab
Variations of Labels for Custom Slabs

The labels for modern cards tend to require more identifying text. I try to make sure the labels do not appear cluttered. Note that the "Auto" indicated on the Cam Neely label was used to indicate an autograph from the card manufacturer.

Labels for Custom Slabs
Horizontal Cards

Labels can be adjusted for horizontal (or landscape) cards as well. Either label version shown below works equally well for hockey's most famous horizontal rookie card. It just depends on which one you prefer.

Labels for Custom Slabs
Young Guns

Almost everyone that has ordered a label for a Young Guns card wants the label to say Young Guns. No problem!

Labels for Custom Slabs
Vintage Reproductions

Many collectors have unlicensed reprints or reproductions of expensive cards in their collections. For those situations, I indicate "Reproduction" on the label, as long as collectors disclose this information.

Labels for Custom Slabs
Autograph Inscriptions

Something I recently began to do was add detailed autograph information to labels. Of course, this only makes sense when there is enough room on the label. But shortened versions such as "In-Person Auto" or "TTM Auto" can be added as well.

Labels for Custom Slabs
No Jersey Numbers

Some cards feature players from an era before jersey numbers. Some feature coaches. Some labels I've made were for sports like tennis. In these cases, I'll do my best to fill the space on the left of the label - where a player's last name and jersey number would typically go - with something appropriate. But it helps when collectors have some idea what information they would like to include there.

Labels for Custom Slabs

The same label template can easily be used for other sports cards as well. Here are just a few of the labels I've done for baseball cards.

Labels for Custom Slabs
Other Sports

Here are some labels I've done for sports outside of hockey and baseball. Note that for individual sports like golf and tennis, something else needs to fill the space on the left. That's pretty easy to do for athletes such as Tiger Woods and Pete Sampras.

Labels for Custom Slabs
Labels for Custom Slabs
1985 Topps Wacky Packages Burger Thing in a Custom Slab


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