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The Slab

The most important thing to know about the slab is that you assemble it. This means you don't need to send your cards anywhere. Once you've positioned your card and label, you simply press and click the slab together.

​Basic slab info:

  • Holds standard 3.5" x 2.5" cards.

  • 35-pt thickness only.

  • Self-assembly (press and click).

  • Reusable.

  • Same dimensions as a PSA slab.

  • Fully transparent. No frosting.

  • Every slab purchased comes with a fitted sleeve.

1999-00 Topps SCH 16 Forsberg - A Front ENH.jpg
Slab FAQ

Do you plan to offer thicker slabs?

Not right now. I've had a hard time securing a supply of regular 35-pt slabs. However, once I find a reliable supplier, I will look at the possibility of offering different sizes.

Do the slabs have any UV treatment?

No, the slabs have no UV treatment. Cards inside these slabs should not be kept in direct light.

The Sleeve

All slabs are prone to scratching, no matter what company they come from. That’s something I long ago accepted for my own PC. To minimize scratching, I keep always keep my slabs in a sleeve, even when displayed. My preference is to use a fitted sleeve made of OPP (Oriented Polypropylene) material. Fitted sleeves look much nicer, and the OPP material is as clear as sleeves can get. I include one of these sleeves with every slab purchased.


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