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The Label

Offering empty slabs on their own is a bit like offering half a product. Most collectors want labels too. My goal is to provide a ​label that best suits your card, so your card looks great when displayed.

For now, I am only offering one label template, though I plan to introduce others in the future.

Basic label info:

  • Black background only.

  • Colour-matched to team or card colours.

  • No licensed images, such as team logos, can be used.

  • No "RC" or "Rookie Card" text can be included.

  • Disclaimer on the back of the label must be included.

Template Details
Label Template (Front) for Custom Slabs
Label Template (Back) for Custom Slabs

This template can be tailored to match any card. To see some of the labels I've created so far, please take a look at the Label Gallery. You should also visit How I Use Custom Slabs to see the labels in my own collection. 


The actual text on the back of the label reads: "Uncut Hockey does not guarantee the authenticity of this card."


These custom slabs and labels are for storage and display purposes only. Collectors should think of them as an alternative to top-loaders and one-touches. They in no way attest to the authenticity or condition of a card. Let me state what should be obvious: this is not a grading service.

If anyone sells a card inside a custom slab with an Uncut Hockey label, any potential buyer should treat the card as raw, just like they would for a card inside a top-loader or one-touch. If the buyer says the slab is sealed, then the buyer should know that was done by the seller, and they should think twice about making such a purchase.


Collectors can order any labels they want. If someone orders a label for a Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card, and they decide to put a reproduction inside the holder, that is their choice. I cannot police that. (Though I would suggest they order the label with "Reproduction" included. See Label Gallery for more information.)

Label FAQ

Are labels made of paper?

Yes. Labels are printed single-sided on 28-lb paper stock, then folded and glued. They feel more like light card stock than paper.

Will labels fit other slabs?

Yes. Labels measure 6.8 cm x 2.0 cm and will also fit slabs from ​Vanity Slabs Inc. and Pather Plastics. Note that the labels need to be cut narrower for Pather slabs, so you need to mention this when ordering.

Can I design my own labels?

No. The labels are not fully customizable. In other words, I cannot design custom labels for every collector. Instead, I am offering a basic label template that can be tailored to match any card.

Can a team logo be added to the labels?

No. The labels cannot include any licensed images or text.

Can "Rookie Card" or "RC" be added to the labels?

No. If you have been in this hobby for a while, you understand how contentious the term "Rookie Card" or "RC" can be. For that reason, I do not want to include it on any labels.

Can the Uncut Hockey logo be removed from the labels?

No. The Uncut Hockey ("UH") logo is part of the label template and part of the brand. It will be included on all labels.

Why is there a white line on the back bottom of the label?

Labels are cut by hand. I learned early on it is impossible to cut them so the front and back align perfectly when folded. Sometimes a small amount of white (the underside of the folded label) would show on the front. Sometimes it would show on the back. I've accepted this imperfection and now cut the labels to ensure that any white always shows on the back.


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